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  1. Smiling and looking straight into the camera
  2. Pouting or making a funny face
  3. Making a peace sign or a thumbs up
  4. Blowing a kiss
  5. Holding up a prop, such as a hat or a sign
  6. Doing a silly dance or jumping in the air
  7. Holding hands with your friends or family members
  8. Leaning in for a group hug
  9. Putting your arms around each other’s shoulders
  10. Making a “V” shape with your fingers above your head
  11. Pretending to be scared or surprised
  12. Striking a dramatic pose with one hand on your hip
  13. Making a heart shape with your hands
  14. Winking or sticking out your tongue
  15. Doing a classic Charlie’s Angels pose with your friends.
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