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Ah, Annapolis. City of sails, oysters, and, apparently, photo booth-induced chaos on February 14th. This Valentine’s Day, ditch the predictable prix fixe menu and dive headfirst into an abyss of hilarity fueled by flashbulbs, props, and enough fake mustaches to make Groucho Marx blush. Because let’s face it, love is great, but a picture of your significant other sporting a giant inflatable lobster claw is priceless.

Photo Booth Themes for the Romantics, the Quirky, and the Utterly Clueless:

  • Romance on Autopilot: Think Cupid meets Hollywood. Red velvet backdrops, feather boas, and enough glittery hearts to blind Cupid himself. Channel your inner Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, strike a pose, and prepare for awkward smooches under strategically placed spotlights. Just remember, real-life couples rarely look as effortlessly glamorous as black-and-white photos suggest.

  • Nautical Nonsense: Embrace the Chesapeake spirit with a shipwrecked-sailor theme. Life preservers as props, fake parrots squawking on shoulders, and fishnet stockings (optional, but encouraged for maximum nautical cred). Bonus points for anyone who can recreate the “Titanic” pose without resorting to actual icebergs (those are frowned upon in City Hall).

  • History Hysteria: Annapolis is steeped in history, so grab your powdered wigs and colonial charm for a photo booth adventure through time. Think George Washington sporting a fake monocle, Martha Stewart (yes, that Martha) judging your pie crust skills, and Paul Revere reenacting his midnight ride on a rented Segway. Just remember, history may repeat itself, but hopefully not the fashion choices.

  • Pop Culture Pandemonium: Unleash your inner fangirl (or fanboy) with a pop culture extravaganza. Superhero costumes clash with 80s neon leg warmers, Star Wars lightsabers duel with feather boas, and T-Rex roars compete with Britney Spears’s karaoke renditions. Be warned, this theme may attract the most interesting (or terrifying) characters Annapolis has to offer.

  • Cupid’s Catastrophe: For those who embrace the “love is a battlefield” philosophy, this theme’s for you. Think ripped cardboard hearts as targets, blindfolded arrows aimed at unsuspecting partners, and relationship advice pamphlets rewritten with crayon insults. Just remember, laughter is the best medicine, except maybe actual medical attention after you’ve been pelted with fake arrows.

Prop-tactic Procrastination:

No photo booth is complete without a smorgasbord of ridiculous props. Here are a few suggestions to send your love-themed selfies into the stratosphere of absurdity:

  • Inflatable romance: Giant lobsters, flamingos, and hearts. Why? Because inflatable anything instantly increases the giggle factor tenfold.

  • Mustachio mayhem: Fake mustaches in every color and variety. From the handlebar to Groucho, unleash your inner hipster and prepare for side-splitting selfies.

  • Love-struck spectacles: Oversized heart-shaped glasses, vintage cat-eye shades, and superhero masks. Channel your inner Clark Kent or Wonder Woman, because even love needs a little disguise sometimes.

  • Signs of the smitten: Hilarious cardboard signs declaring your undying love (or temporary infatuation) for unsuspecting bystanders. “Will you be my lobster?” anyone?

Remember, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, laughter, and maybe a little bit of self-deprecation. So grab your significant other (or your pet goldfish, we don’t judge), pick a theme, and dive into the photo booth fun. Just be prepared for a night of nonstop giggles, questionable fashion choices, and memories that will make you question your sanity (in the best way possible).

And, as a bonus, here’s a haiku for your Valentine’s Day enjoyment:

Flashbulbs pop, love blooms, Lobster claws meet fuzzy dice, Chaos, but it’s ours.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Annapolis! May your Annapolis photo booths be filled with laughter, your costumes be gloriously ridiculous, and your love stories be written in pixels and inflatable lobsters.

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