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Baby shower Photo Booth 

Some people may still use Photo Booth to take their best baby shower pictures. Since many people are now using a smartphone for taking their selfie picture. In fact, baby shower Photo Booth is still needed in some places like in Baltimore. Baltimore Photo Booth also known as Charm City Photo Booth is still popular around Baltimore. Many people still use our Photo Booth for their certain events such as a wedding, birthday, prom, engagement, farewell, corporate party, Trade Shows and many more. Therefore, we recommend you to rent our baby shower photo booth service just in case you will have a party someday.

Charm City Photo Booth offers you a special package that is not found in other baby shower photo booth rental in Baltimore. We will give you all package complete with a reasonable and reachable price. Some features and accessories may also be included in our service. For example, you can have some high-resolution images, self-picturing, quick printing, direct photo sending through e-mail, unlimited photo session, online gallery with free downloads and some accessories like goggles with several colors, hat, artificial moustache, and artificial lips.

How do you book a booth ? The first thing you must do is to contact us and Then, we will prepare everything needed to bring you fun. You just need to pick your photo booth rental time and decide the place where you will have your party. Next, you can also choose your background design with several accents like white, black, green screen, chalkboard pic, and monogram. Charm City Photo Booth gives all package including delivery, setup and cleanup before and after your event.

Using Charm City Photo Booth, you can take some baby shower pictures with your friends, take some selfie pictures and groupie pictures. Not only taking pictures, you may also print out your pictures directly less than 10 seconds. However, you may need additional charge for this. Every picture taken will be uploaded to our site, and everybody may see the whole photos and download them, and we give 90 days of your pictures to be on our website. You are also allowed to have the copies of your pictures which can put inside a DVD or Flash disk if you wish, but it needs additional charge either, and we will deliver the copies via post office.

In summary, Charm City Photo Booth can be a great choice for anyone who wants to celebrate a party. By renting a Photo Booth, it can make your guests at your birthday and wedding party feel happy, especially for kids and teenagers who really wish to have a lot of photos to be shared on social media. We offer you a reasonable price for each photo booth session. In this case, it depends on how long you will rent us and how many guests you may have. Since we offer you 2 hours until 5 hours of rent. Therefore, start from now, you can save our contact and call us to make a reservation someday when you will have a special party.

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