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Why put a photo booth at your wedding?

1.- A photo booth at your wedding will lift your guests from their seats.
During the dance, not all the guests are always dancing. Some lag behind at the tables. You have to lift them from their places. You have to get them to cheer up. But we are sure that they will get up to take a photo in the photo booth with their brothers, children, nephews friends, grandchildren….

2.- Because you will impress your guests. 
When you enter the dance area you will see a lighted area in one corner; people in that area gesturing, posturing … Yes! Photos are being taken. He likes to take photos and take them to show the photos of the photo booth to all friends and coworkers how much fun they had at the wedding.

3.- Because you will see everything that happened at your wedding.
You will be your thing at your wedding. Talking with each other, dancing, dreaming. Meanwhile, your guests will be in the photo booth taking photos and, at that moment, it will be saved. You can see that moment later. Nothing will happen to you. You will see everyone having fun.

4.- Everyone can share the photos.
I am not thinking of social networks only. When you see them all again, you will comment on the photos; They will tell you the anecdotes that happened. You will laugh at the postures and gestures …


How does the photo booth work?

We make it very easy:

  • You choose the type of cabin you want: Photobooth or Photocall 
  • You select how you want your photo to be.
  • You choose the accessories.
  • You give us the data we need to know where to go and at what time.

With these data, you no longer have to worry about the photo booth. We will do the following:

  • We do a photo test to have your agreement. If you do not like it, we change it as many times as you need so that it is to your total liking.
  • We arrived at the place of your wedding an hour before, we asked where to mount it or we select the best space thinking of three premises: enough space, that it is in a public place where it looks good and that there are no elements that harm lighting.
  • We assemble in just 15 minutes without disturbing anyone.
  • We will wait for the dance to start
  • We will be next to the photo booth throughout the event,encouraging your guests and explaining that they should paste a copy of the photo in the album.
  • We dismount when the agreed time ends and we leave.
  • During the following week, you can enter our website to see your photos.

1. Booths with the latest technological advances in photography

As a general rule, it used to be a photographer doing the photoshoot in the open photo booths. On the contrary, now, closed and open photo booth booths are automated as a general rule, and those that incorporate the latest technology offer a functional touch screen through which guests can choose between various effects to apply on photos, choose the social network in which they will be published once taken and even allow these photos to be printed in less than ten seconds, with several copies.

2. Custom designs

The decoration of these photo booths is normally customizable according to the needs of each event so that you can choose whether your walls will be colored with the color of the planner’s choice, or conversely, they will be adorned with vinyl in which it is represented any image, photograph or logo.

3. Greater intimacy

A photo booth, and especially closed photo booths, allows people to have fun without feeling the inhibition that can come from having to be observed by the photographer taking the photoshoot, so automated photo booths are the perfect alternative to events that host a large number of people who do not know each other.

4. Guarantee fun

On the other hand, it is the perfect alternative for weddings, baptisms, communions, birthdays, and other family and close events, since at the same time it guarantees the fun of the guests

5. Immortalize and create memories

It allows the creation of valuable memories that will be kept for a lifetime in a signature book that is made after the session ends, or in the photographs that guests take home after the photo booth prints them. However, and with regard to open photo booths, our clients often request a photographer to immortalize each moment in a personalized and professional way. Although our automated open photo booths are able to operate autonomously with full guarantee, the result with a professional photographer tends to improve undoubtedly.

6. Incorporation of extra entertainers

In addition, we offer the possibility of hiring entertainers for our open and closed photo booths, so if you think that the guests could use a “hook” that encourages people to enjoy the photo booth you have hired, this plus offers advantages for both the guests as well as the organizers. On the one hand, more guests will be encouraged to take more photographs if they are prompted by a person specially trained to carry out this work and they will enjoy more of their photo booth experience. On the other hand, the organizers will be able to better amortize their photo booth and will have more guarantees that their event has been a success, a factor that is highly important in events such as company parties, conferences, or fairs.

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