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Remember, when you were younger going to the mall and having fun in those photo booths with your friends? You plug in the money and then make all the cheesy faces you can in the limited time allotted. Waiting for that slip of photos to print was as bad as the anticipation for Christmas morning as a child.

Now, with Baltimore Photo Booths you can rent your very own photo booth for pretty much any occasion! Baltimore Photo Booths offer a standard four hour rental time which includes delivery of the booth, set up, a professional scrapbook and even props so you can be as silly as you want!

Photo booths are a great addition to any event, such as weddings and anniversaries, birthday parties and even team and corporate events. It gives people a chance to unwind and let go of their inhibitions. Relax and enjoy the event. When you have a photo booth at your event you also give people a chance to bring home something so that they will always remember that event. They say pictures are better than words.

Unlike the mall stands when you rent your photo booth you can the option for all sorts of different props and backgrounds and stuff like that. It really is a great time for everyone. When you put someone in a photo booth they tend to relax and start enjoying themselves.

Renting photo booths are becoming more and more popular the more companies pop up who provide the rentals. In fact, when you rent a photo booth you could technically eliminate the need for a professional photographer at the reception. How fabulous would it be to create a photo book using all the picture people who attended took in the rented photo booth? Unique, for sure!


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