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Choosing Between the types of booths


Most of us know about Maryland  photo booths and could have tried shopping for one to use during a special event such as a wedding or some other big party. You will find just about two different types of photo booths. The first one is perhaps the popular traditional type that comes with a bench, some roof, and curtains that afford a degree of privacy. These days there are newer types of photo booths whose design is quite different from the traditional box type that comes with a camera that has a lovely backdrop at its front.


The open type booth: The first advantage of the open type booth is the fact that you can take large group photos of up to ten people. This means you will have more fun taking pictures especially when you want to keep memories of people who attended your special events. No one wants to miss out on the laughter and giggling that comes along with events where the group is taking a picture. Maybe the best part of the whole deal is the other fact that transporting such a booth is no big deal, and it can be placed in areas where the traditional arcade type booth will not fit. The only downside of the open booth is that using it outside becomes a little cumbersome since you have to work out plans on how to obstruct direct sunlight.


The arcade type booth: The traditional arcade type booth is what most people have known, and it comes with an attachment that can be hard to replace. This is the covered booth that has curtains for purposes of privacy. One advantage of the arcade type booth is that it is easy to match it with the existing décor, and you only need the smallest amount of space to have it in place. The photographer using the arcade type of booth has some controlled consistency and settings to use with the only disadvantage being that you can take a picture of more than four persons.


Having seen the basic differences between the two existing types of booths, choosing what you are going to use will be determined by what value you want out of the event you are holding. As soon as you make up your mind, it is always a good idea to have the venue checked that it will accommodate the type of booth you desire to use. The person hiring out the booth should be in opposition to advice on the best spots where you will get a good value for your money.


Photos provide good memories for special events, and there is no better way of ensuring these memories don’t get lost by choosing the right type of photo booth. When you hire this state of the art photo booths, you can trust that the lifelong collection of pictures you create will be something you will want revisit over and over again. Don’t forget to ask for special props that will increase the fun of taking pictures such that when they are printed, they give you the best quality prints.


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