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Should there be a day that you would like to remember forever, it will be your wedding day. You prepare for months if not years planning this one day, and once it is over you will wish to go back in time in order to relive it all over again. Even if everything does not go precisely as you planned, it will no doubt remain probably the most important days of your life.

Most people employ videographers and photographers to capture their wedding ceremony, but those services usually do not capture the actual magic of the day. The magic is found in your invited guests. They have cherished and supported you all through your lifetime, and now they’ll come together to share your tears and celebrate your happiness as you walk down the aisle. They are equally as significant as the sophisticated cake the table centerpieces, and the flowers.

A wonderful idea that is growing more popular is the wedding photo booth – an exclusive area for guests to have photographs captured as mementos of the event and to complement the bride and groom’s album. You can easily create one on your own, work in conjunction with a photographer or simply rent an entire photo booth for the event.

To do it yourself, you just need to find a secluded area – be creative – One has even been seen in a camper van! If you are able to set aside a small room or corner for this then excellent – if not, then setting up a location or marquee outside will work just fine too. It is highly recommended you make use of a plain background, and ensure it is properly lit and there is no risk of the camera being knocked over.

You can make use of a designated photographer, or perhaps set up a tripod and a camera with a remote or cable release so that your people can take photos of themselves and not having to set a timer. Present props such as hats, empty picture frames, wedding paraphernalia or blackboards so that guests can draft notes to include in their pictures. Outside is perfect for lighting, but if you will be shooting inside, then just make sure the light is good and the camera settings are properly set for the conditions.

Photo booths apparently capture those significant moments at weddings – apart from the regular posing and generally after a couple of drinks! Most couples cherish these photos more than their professional ones simply because they genuinely reveal the pleasure and personality of their guests. Don’t forget to sneak in there too – it’s not just for guests!

The choices for silly and fabulous photos are endless. Act dress up, display your favorite pose, or simply flaunt your stunning wedding dress – you will only be able to wear it for that one day after all! Your guests will love posing together to celebrate the day in photographic style.

Photo booths can be hired and vary in price, depending on their features. Some also enable video messaging and live streaming to an external screen which may be positioned in the reception room.

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