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Having a photo booth for a wedding can be the best choice for new couples in Baltimore. Photo Booth is a kind of private photo booth that uses a big box. It means that somebody can take a selfie picture inside the box freely. One of the most popular photo booths in Baltimore is Bmore Photo Booth Rental. We do not only specialize in event and portrait photography but also specialize in open air Photo booth rental. In this case, we offer you a creative wedding photo booth for any of you to get the greatest wedding party ever.

Why do you choose us?  Having a wedding photo booth by Baltimore Photo Booth Rentals offers you some special packages which could give a lot of benefits such as the reachable price for the rental and the copies and prints of the photos wanted, enhancing some fun, post the strip on our website and give free download to guests in a wedding event, fit around 10 people and 8 for the open-air booths, an upgrade with an additional charge for your guest to e-mail their images directly from the photo booth, printed 4×6 copies of any 3 or 4 pictures, and scrapbooks or album for the photo strips of the guests.

Generally, when you rent our service, you have an option to have a tent or enclosure for the photo booth, or we can also provide it by ourselves with an additional charge. You can use our service as long as you need it. It depends on how long your party will last. In order to get started booking our wedding photo booth, you can pick your booth rental time, then select a background (black or white, gold, or silver), and let us design your image prints such as giving some texts on the photo prints and customize them. We offer you unlimited photo prints for 4 hours of rent.  After the event, everybody can get their images free download on our website for 90 days, and if they also can have some of the copies by printing them or copied on USB or Flash disk with an additional charge.

Photo Booth Wedding photo booth by Bmore Photo Booths always gives the best to the customers. We are really helping with any wedding parties in Baltimore. Since we already have a lot of experience in photographing and photo booth, not only for the wedding party but also for other events. We are a caring company, so we always support our community charity and foundation. Therefore, we can give a special discount for non-profit pricing or we can give a rental discount for churches and schools

In conclusion, a wedding photo booth can be your reason to have such a good wedding party. In this case, you are not the only one who feels happy at the party, but also the guests that can also feel excited at your wedding. They can have some pictures like selfies or group pictures by using our wedding Photo booth. Therefore, now you can start to book us, and get our special offers today.


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