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The process of renting a photo booth appears to be becoming increasingly difficult. Many of the phrases used in the booth industry are unfamiliar to actual customers. This essay aims to decode some of the jargon, offer some advice, and assist you in making informed decisions. You’ll be well prepared to rent the ideal booth for your event.

DSLR camera

This is a term that will be bandied about a lot. Digital single-lens reflex is the abbreviation for DSLR. It’s the digital equivalent of your parents’ 35mm Nikon or Pentax camera. A DSLR is capable of producing high-quality images. Many point-and-shoot cameras, on the other hand, offer excellent results. Looking at samples from recent events is your best chance.

Dye-sub printers

Dye sublimation is abbreviated as Dye Sub. Almost every professional picture studio employs some kind of this technology. Dye Sublimation printer uses a heat transfer technology

that produces images on paper using a film. The printing quality is usually excellent, and the printing speed is fast. Between one dye-sub printer and another, there is no discernible difference. Stay away from anyone who still uses inkjet printers. While the quality is excellent, the time it takes to receive your print is more than triples.

Green screen

A green screen is a feature that many photo booth providers offer. Green screen is a technique used in television and film. In front of a green backdrop, the actor stands. The green background is removed and replaced with the video clip of your choice using the software. The identical procedure can be carried out in a photo booth, although the results will be less precise. The background of the booth will be green. When you walk in and glance at the display, you will notice that the green background has been replaced by the custom background that has been put into the software. The unique background will also be printed on your strips.

Social media integration

Integration with social media is getting increasingly popular. The concept is to allow you to share your photo booth photos instantly on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Two ways are used to do this.

  • The first approach entails using an on-screen promo to enter info and send yourself a photo. While this strategy is ideal for low-volume events, it drastically reduces the number of sessions the booth can handle every hour.
  • On the other end, a social media kiosk is used and placed outside the booth. While this may cause some congestion, it permits your photo booth to continue to run smoothly.

You’ll need a stable, fast wi-fi signal at your event if you want your social media integration to go well. Always double-check with your venue and photo booth provider.

Lastly, a session is commonly regarded as the beginning of a photo sequence. It makes no difference if it’s a 20-person group or a single couple. The session starts when the camera starts spinning and lights start flashing. You can use the booth as many times as you want with unlimited sessions. Per session, two 2 X 6-inch photo strips are usually printed.


In order to persuade potential clients of what makes them unique, photo booth companies frequently use jargon. It is preferable to keep things simple. Get a sense of how the booth will look, ask for some examples from recent events, ask for references, and double-check for necessary insurance. Have a blast!

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