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The answer is usually YES! However, you must consider your crowd. If your group is reserved or laid back in nature, it may not be the best choice. Photo booths appeal to all ages. As long as you can imagine your guests getting crazy, you are likely a good candidate for a photo booth. A group of academics at a business conference, probably not the best choice

2) What kind of booth do I want?

Photo Booth rentals come in 4 basic varieties.

· Traditional Arcade Style Booth– These are the booths that resemble photo booths popular in arcades in the 70s and 80s. The advantage is the retro look and feel. The disadvantage is that these booths only accommodate 2 or 3 guests at a time and tend to be the most expensive offering.

· Open Air Photo Booth– Basically a booth without the enclosure. Your guests stand in front of a background of some type. The advantages are there is no limit to the number of people who will fit and the costs are usually reasonable. The disadvantages are a lack of privacy provided by the curtain.

· Pop-Up Booth– Pop-up style booths are becoming increasingly more common. Imagine a pop-up tent with sides. These booths can look good or really bad from vendor to vendor. It is of particular importance to see exactly what you will be getting. The advantages of a pop-up style booth are in its ability to accommodate more people than an arcade-style booth. Typically up to 10 guests. Also, it is easy to transport making it work well in hard to access areas. On the downside, the picture quality is often lacking, and the booth tends to get warm due to limited ventilation.

· Pipe and Drape Style Booth– A pipe and drape style booth uses an enclosure that is made from the same components used in trade shows and many reception venues. The booth is enclosed with drapes on four sides and open at the top. This type of booth is usually bigger, accommodating as many as 15 or more guests at a time. The open-top keeps things cool and can be set up in multiple configurations. The extra size also allows for softer lighting producing better quality images. On the downside, the extra size requires extra space. Usually at least 6 feet x 9 feet of space is required for a pipe and drape photo booth.

There is no right or wrong photo booth. It is a personal decision. The average rental price for a 4-hour booth ranges from $400-$1600. It is worth the time to make sure you know your options, check references and verify the insurance of the vendors you are considering. Have fun!

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