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You may never consider the concept of a photo booth until you discover how much exciting it can be. When you remember a photo booth, the first thing that comes to thought is the types you see in the mall However, they can be quite crucial for those special occasions when you are surrounded by family and friends, and they are aiming for some special way to record the day. By renting an affordable photo booth in your locality, you will have an opportunity to make memories that will last forever. A photo booth can bring people together and make their creativity shine through the pictures they take.

If you are organizing an event and have long been considering hiring a photo booth, There is possibility that you have come across two photo booth styles:

(1) The traditional photo booth

(2) The open air photo booth

The two are identical in concept, but in implementation, they take very different approaches.

Open air photo booth photos are perfect every time. You don’t need to ask a third party to pictures of you and your loved one; right there for you, and you can get three to four pictures in a row, providing some variations in the pictures that are being taken. Additionally, everyone can get a turn with at snapping pictures with a few other people in a semi-private set up, so nobody will know the way you are posing until after the photograph has already been captured.

A photo booth for wedding ceremonies is rapidly growing to become an exclusive strategy to record the day, with wedding parties and guests putting together their own mini slideshows of photographs which they can share between one another. However, they are not just designed for a wedding ceremony, they are also perfect for corporate events, stag and hen parties and birthday parties. Develop memories that you can share with the rest of your family and friends.


  1. The most significant advantage of the open-air photo booth is that there is more space accessible! Where the classic photo booth has a footprint of about 40″ x 60″, the open air footpaths may take up as much space as you would like, with a regular setup being about 8′ x 10′ (96″ x 120″)!
  2. The extra space does not only involve more people, the other great advantage of having enough space is that you can now display creative prospects that you simply don’t enjoy when stuck in a traditional booth. The extra space enables you to “think outside the box”  Groups of people jumping! Telling a story through your shot! Throwing people in the air! Action scenes! All these will now be possible because of the large space available to you in the open air photo booth.
  3. Finally, one usually overlooked or unrecognized advantage of the open air photo booth is the extra quality that results from having more space, particularly the ability to get the light source slightly off to the side to produce a 3D look and feel to your images.

One of the simplest methods for getting high quality pictures in a photography studio is positioning your main flash a bit off axis (away from the camera). This makes all the faces in the picture to be illuminated with a gentle shadowing from a side of the face to the other, giving a three-dimensional experience.

With the extra space of an open air photo booth, your “mini-studio” photo booth can be installed with as many lighting as you like to flawlessly model your guests with the right amount of highlights and shadows not only for fun shots, but also for high quality shots!

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