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DIY photo booth


Perhaps you are planning your wedding or event and are really enthusiastic about the concept of having a do it yourself photo booth installed for your guests, but possibly the costs of engaging pros to undertake it is somewhat out of your budget, or you are just the type that prefers to do things yourself! If that is the situation, you might need to consider the idea of installing your own photo booth set up.
Virtually any kind of event you are planning is probably not repeatable (especially a wedding!), therefore you would not wish to have something go wrong or simply get stuck. Below are the equipment and materials you have to think about and employ as a sort of guide. Hopefully it contributes greatly to your DIY photo booth!
Camera – Generally, your personal camera is the best you can have. However, there are some basic features that you will need to make sure it has to make your do it yourself photo booth adventure as easy as can be! It should have the capacity to sync to off camera lighting, either by hot shoe or sync cord. Also, it needs to have some kind of options for remote activation. Actually, any simple digital SLR on the market will perform the function well in both regards, therefore, research your options.

The Canon EOS Rebel T5 EF-S 18-55mm IS II Digital SLR Kit

Backdrop –

It is one of the major areas where lots of DIY photo booths could also be improved. A little bit attention to detail means a lot: ironing out wrinkles, ensuring there are no distracting conditions, ensuring that the backdrop is stretched properly, and so on. This is all that will make it easier if you find a couple good stands and utilize them properly.
Studio Lighting – This is the key to make your images have that “professional”. Although you can capture loads of great memories with straight-on-camera flash, but you can get a lot more 3D quality when you learn to light properly.

Tripod –

This is a simple equipment. Just ensure you have a tripod! You are not restricted to any special model, but be sure that it is graded to handle the weight of any equipment you place over it. Secure one with strong, sturdy legs such that if it tripped over during the event, you won’t lose the capital you invested in your camera.

Tablet with LCD Screen

This is typically not compulsory in the actual capturing of images in the photo booth. Nevertheless, it is one of the “extras” that have the potential to enable your guests experience that great fun! Instead of displaying the shots on a tiny screen, you can connect your camera to a secondary LCD TV/monitor so that your guests can easily see their craziness blown up instantly!
In conclusion, it is advisable to have backups! You can never predict when any equipment will fail you therefore you need to be prepared to ensure that the show continues.
Good luck in your DIY photo booth!


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