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If you are getting married soon and want to create the perfect atmosphere for your guests to have a lot of fun, you should definitely consider an outdoor wedding photo booth. Besides you get a lot of fun images, you can be sure that both you and your guests are going to have a great time.

In case you have already thought about this affordable idea for your wedding, you are probably wondering about what kind of outdoor wedding photo booth you should choose.

The reality is that there is such a wide variety of outdoor wedding photo booths that you can have a hard time choosing the best one for your wedding. So, we decided to give you some suggestions.

#1: Photo booth Frames:

The truth is that everyone loves Photo booth photograph frames. And now, you can have it at your own wedding.

One of the best things about this photo booth framed picture is that you can easily carry it with you. You can even add some details under the image if you want to.

#2: Hanging Props From Trees:

When you want to ensure that you use an outdoor wedding photo booth that is original and, at the same time, unique and personal, you should definitely consider using a tree and props instead.

With this, you can add some props made with your wedding theme and you can even have different backgrounds.

#3: Themed Photo Booth Scenery:

No matter if your wedding will have a theme or it will be minimalist and simple, the idea behind using an outdoor photo booth is that you can get some amazing photos and have a lot of fun with your friends.

All you need is to find the right scenery that complements your wedding theme and you’re all set to go.

#4: Stand-Up Board:

In case you opt for the stand-up board, you need to know that you can have the design that you wish, and this will allow your guest to stick their faces through the holes in the board, and it can be related to your wedding theme as well. This is one of the photo booth types that tend to please more people.

#5: Aerial Shots:

If you are a fan of technology, you are going to love this idea for an outdoor wedding photo booth. As you probably already know, a drone can hover above the ground and take a lot of images of posing guests.

#6: The Chalkboard:

The chalkboard is one of the most affordable outdoor wedding photo booth backgrounds that you can have. You can choose the background design (as minimal or as interesting as you want), and you can even allow your guests to write their own messages.

#7: Retro Van Photo Booth:

A retro van can also serve as a photo booth for your wedding. The truth is that you will be able to park it where you want as well as dress it for the occasion. This is a good idea when you don’t see a good area to take your photographs outdoors.


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