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Tips for great photo booth poses

More and more weddings nowadays are opting for an open-air photo booth. It’s an excellent addition to any wedding and having one can be a lot of fun. But you do have to wonder, what poses should you opt for if you want to get the very best photo booth poses? Thankfully, we are here to bring you some great photo booth pose ideas.

Emotion poses

This type of pose is very easy to do, mainly because you get to express an emotion. We recommend you to be genuine and have fun because that’s what ends up selling your pose in the end. Some of the best emotion poses include things like:

  • Sad
  • Cute
  • Euphoric
  • Grumpy
  • Tiredness
  • Nervousness
  • Angry
  • Sour
  • Brat
  • Excited
  • Dreamy
  • Are you kidding?
  • How much time will it take?
  • Scary
  • Devious
  • Devilish

These are some of the best emotion-based poses you can make for the open air photo booth. Try to be creative and don’t rush. Many times, finding the best poses will require a bit of time and creativity. If you take your time, you will end up finding some very rewarding, interesting poses!

Poses for girls

  • Kissing the bride! A simple, yet very fun pose that requires two girls to kiss the bride
  • Charlie’s Angels- a nice pose where the girls put guns up, and they have their backs against one another.
  • Supermodel shot – this one is self-explanatory, each one of the ladies stars in her Vogue photo shoot

Poses for guys

Obviously, guys also have access to some really neat poses:

  • The patriotic salute
  • Head butts that are plain fun
  • Group high fives, maybe even in mid-air
  • Show your swagger
  • Flex the muscles
  • Fake fighting

Solo poses

Most of the poses mentioned above work well in a team. But there are many open air photo booth poses that you can try on your own. It’s a fun experience either way, and you will enjoy it.

  • Always interrupted by the phone
  • The elevator pose, which requires you to seemingly move vertically all the down.
  • The stairs
  • Four different corners
  • Keep the same face for all your pics
  • A windy day
  • Look through the door hole
  • Reenact various dance moves


Well, this is a great pose on its own. It’s obvious, but we just have to add it here. Photobombing is a lot of fun when your friends use the open air wedding photo booth. The sillier the pose, the funnier the moment you get to create here.

Couples poses

Here you have some interesting ideas, such as:

  • Pull his tie and flirt
  • Winky face
  • Blow kisses to each other
  • Pick her up
  • Cute kiss
  • Smooching
  • Reel him with an imaginary fish pole.

In conclusion, you will find the open air photo booth to be a great place where you can experiment with poses. Consider giving them a shot right away; these are fun poses that will make every wedding photo a memorable one! Plus, you can always experiment with new ones if you want, just check them out!

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