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Photo booth is one of the best things about aging for a wedding. Aside from the drinks, dance and foods, but being able to wear sexy dress and look gorgeous. And finally, watching two people you so admire celebrate their awesome love, which is obviously the point. But hey – a wedding photo booth is somewhere up there.

Photos taken in a quick succession with some added props and maybe a cool background is much of a fun. Below are some photo booth wedding ideas that might kick-start your weddings or occasions.

  • Use a couch, a catchy quote and some beautiful garland

Take a couch against cool-looking walls in the room or outside, and then add some decorations around it. a nice garland or two will add to its beauty and a cute quote regarding the ceremony would be a nice backdrop.

·         Use fresh and beautiful flowers to create a nice backdrop

Set aside some room specifically for photo booth, and create some time decorating them with gorgeous floral garlands. You can as well add some cute props like a table and vase, and also a nice couch.

·         Be unique, paint some plywood and make it into a tri-fold

You can make a tri-fold with some plywood. Probably paint it with black paint or any color, then paint all the quotes with white paint. To make it fantastic, you might decide to write the names of the newlyweds or celebrant to be in the background of every picture. Finally, add some props and that’s it.

·         For something simple, yet beautiful: use sheer curtains for lightening

Sometimes, it’s good to keep simple. For a simple and easy photo booth, hang lights behind sheer curtains for a pretty effect. Also, add some cute props and you’re set to explode.

·         Make it gold and flashy photo booth by using gold foil

To create this easy backdrop, set aside some wall room. You can purchase gold foil curtain in any color and add some quotes to it to the wall. Make some beautiful simple props and boom, you have it.

·         You may decide to add some props like a mini

chalkboard as fun

A cool and beautiful backdrop is very much important, but sometimes it’s basically all about the props. One perfect and great idea is a fun mini chalkboard which will enable guests to write whatever they want. It would be unique, unexpected and would add to the sweetness of the celebration.

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