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Wedding photo booth trends for 2017

Even though wedding photo booths are bringing in new, exciting ideas to weddings, the Baltimore wedding photo booth concept is always evolving. We always see more and more interesting trends appearing here, and 2017 is no different. Some new trends have emerged at the end of 2016, with many of them ready to expand throughout the year! Here are some of the best Baltimore wedding photo booth trends for 2017!

The donut wall            

Yes, this is one of the most exciting Baltimore wedding photo booth trends that you can find out there. Why is it so popular? It’s self-explanatory really; everyone loves donuts so having a donut wall at a party and a photo booth in front of it makes for some memorable moments.

3D printed images

While this is a new Baltimore wedding photo booth trend that a lot of people enjoy. The photo booth grabs the images and, based on the result; a 3D printer creates the 3D counterpart of that picture. It’s a nice concept, even if it’s relatively new on the market. We can expect it to expand throughout the year.

GIF photo booths

Instead of a regular Baltimore wedding photo booth, you get to opt for one that creates GIFs. It’s a nice concept, and it can bring in some hilarious ideas. Nothing is impossible here, and the GIFs are designed to bring in a ton of fun. There are quite a lot of GIF photo booths all over the country, and since the concept is fun, we can expect it to become a trend pretty soon this year.

Social media posting

Everyone wants to post these great images on social media. Waiting to receive these pictures and then getting some time to post them is not that ideal. Thankfully, this Baltimore wedding photo booth trend focused on sharing these photos directly on social media makes the process faster, easier and more impressive than ever before.

Automatic filters

A similar situation happened with adding filters. Not all Baltimore wedding photo booths have pictures, and this is less than ideal. More and more photo booths are bringing in quality filters that you can add on the fly. Customizing the visual experience and making it more distinct is surely a cool way to make photos more memorable and it works with the utmost perfection here.

Yes, there are plenty of interesting Baltimore wedding photo booth trends that already started to appear this year. We can imagine more and more trends like this appearing throughout the year. Nothing is impossible especially in the photo booth world, where fund and creativity are abundant. One thing is sure, there’s a lot of fun to be had with the wedding photo booths this year, so you should consider renting one for your wedding. With so many styles, features and new trends coming up, you are bound to find some fresh models for your wedding. Don’t hesitate and check out these trends, invest in a photo booth for your wedding and bring in the fun!

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