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The new “must-have” in wedding entertainment is having an open photo booth! It’s a photo booth without walls! Ever wonder what one is and why you’d want to have one at your wedding?

 Generally speaking, it will be either an enclosed or an open-air area that will include a camera, backdrop, and printer. Keep in mind however that not all booths are created equal. They can vary the size, shape, and quality. Some will allow you to print pictures right on the spot and others will have the pictures uploaded onto a website for later viewing.

So, why are they so popular at weddings?

Here’re my top 5 reasons why you should consider having a photo booth at your wedding! 

  1. Start the entertainment! The first hour or so of a reception everyone is still in their shells and unsure of what to do, but a photo booth gets the fun flowing right away.


  1. It includes everyone. If you’re a bit of a wallflower, (like myself), receptions can make you feel left out, but everyone from young to old can have fun in a photo booth!


  1. Gives your guests a gift. Each guest will get a special gift to remember how much fun they had at your wedding.


  1. More reminders of your day. A good company will have the ability to give you digital copies of each picture. Then you can later make a fun photo booth album using all the pictures.


  1. Everyone’s doing it! Just like your guests expect you to provide a D.J. for them to have fun and dance with the popularity of photo booths grow your guests will also expect and greatly appreciate you having a booth!


Things to consider when choosing a photo booth company:


  1. Are they fully insured? Make sure to ask!


  1. Can you customize your booth? A good company will have the ability to customize your booth with different templates and backgrounds.


  1. What is their picture quality like? Some booths simply use webcams for their photos, which means if you try to use them later on an album you might run into quality issues.


  1. Are there any hidden fees? Some companies advertise a low price, but then will add on set up and tear down fees, limit picture prints, or even add on charges for them to bring the props.


Take the time to look really at all the companies in your area, ask questions, and find the perfect booth to make your day special and fun for everyone!

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