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A photo booth is no more a new thing in the world of celebration. You make your wedding a fun one by booking a wedding photo booth to cover you up on this beautiful day but how do you know the unbiased company to deal with. When intending to reserve a photo booth, you will have a dozen if not hundreds photo booth rentals in Baltimore, so it’s now left to you to choose wisely before booking with any company. This article will provide you with some questions to ask before booking your photo booth to make your day a fun one.
· Are they incorporated? – One might think this question is useless, but these businesses are just like home contractor of the wedding world. If you contact one booth, you may find a legitimate listing and approaching other will only deal with cash. Now you are surprised. Find out if the company is incorporated by looking them up in your state registrar before booking. This process will only take you less than ten minutes and can save you hours of stress when you deal with the legitimate company.
· Do they use professional equipment? – Of course, you should ask. You want your day to be fun and remembered that’s why you booked a booth so why regretting after the day. Look for a company with well-functioned cameras instead of just a normal one. A good quality booth uses DSLR cameras with photographic backlighting and flash diffusers. Also, the best printer in the marketplace use dye-sublimation printers whereas some nonprofessional companies will make use of a wireframe on a box with a curtain and call it photo booth. Tell me, is that what you paid for?
· Are their prices available online? – Many companies bill depending on the season, demand or how much they can charge. Don’t be fooled into paying too much for a photo booth because of a special season. Deal with companies who transparently post prices online to ensure you are dealing with the right one.
· Do they showcase their work? – Since the company is so sure of its work, it should be able to provide work samples. There are book galleries for pictures, put together for future purposes. A good company should be able to afford one during the reception, and through that, you can check if the pictures are in high resolution. Ask to see examples of the customized footer, examples of props, etc.
· Do they have a website?– This is another thing to find out. Many booths are run by folks that only want extra cash into their pocket. Through the company’s website, you can easily find out all about them. Going through the sites, you can find out the company’s past work, review, comments, links, articles, blogs, and other useful information. This should help you choose a better company if not the best.
In summary, it is advised to book from a company that is legitimately incorporated, publicly advertises a running functional website, uses the best instruments, makes their prices available and transparent, and showcase their work. These traits will give a fantastic photo booth for your wedding.

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