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You Need a Wedding Reception Photo Booth-5 reasons

In this age of social media, bridal selfies and wedding hashtags are the current trends. Little wonder wedding reception photo booths have become the standard lately. Photo booths at wedding receptions are suitable for lavish, black-tie events and courtyard weddings alike. There’s something magical about letting your guests express themselves at your wedding regardless of the setting especially when fun props are involved. Are you still contemplating on having a photo booth wedding reception? Here are five reasons having a photo booth at your wedding is the right choice:
1. Entertainment
It is certain you want your wedding to be fun for every guest and you’ve booked a prominent DJ, but dancing is certainly not for everyone. Great cocktails do not guarantee that your guests will have fun either. If there are teens and kids in attendance, you will want to keep them busy too; props will do the trick! A photo booth at your wedding will give guests the opportunity to strike fun poses, and that is a guaranteed entertainment source. Who wouldn’t crack a smile when grandma is seen using the mustache prop?

2. Unique Party Favor
Do away with the cliché way of thanking your guests for participating in your big day, instead, gift your wedding guests personalized photo strips that capture the fun they had at your wedding. Include your logo and wedding date in the strip as a reminder of exactly where they had that much fun including the big goofy smile on their face.

3. Create Memories
You have hired a photographer to capture memories from your wedding day; as you walk down the aisle, your first dance, etc. But a wedding photo booth captures and creates memories that your professional photographer can’t, and instantly prints a memorable keepsake for your guests.

4. Let Your Hair Down
Professional pictures of the posed new couple are awesome. Photos of family and friends shot by a professional photographer on your big day are also cool, but there is tremendous value in having some unplanned, no-holds-barred, and unedited photos of your big day. Let your hair down; grab your mom & dad and capture a family photo impromptu. Meet your bridal party in the wedding photo booth for a wacky but memorable wedding party photo shoot.

5. Brings People Together
Nothing brings people together like the line up for a photo booth. The seating arrangement you carefully prepared is to prevent drama and awkward moments but does not guarantee that everyone will socialize including your friends and families who haven’t met in years. This is where an aunt and your friend from college will realize that they both love Justin Bieber, prompting conversations and synchronized dance each time his songs comes on.
A photo booth wedding reception will have people talking about your wedding long after your wedding has come and gone. Isn’t a memorable wedding reception what we are all after?
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